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You’ve written a rough draft of a manuscript but are not sure how to continue or how to properly elaborate on it? Developmental editing might be the right solution for you!

How it Works: As your developmental editor, I coach and guide you through the entire writing process, starting from the outline all the way through the completion of your manuscript. I will help with plot structure, character developmental, story arc, flow, marketability, readability, as well as grammar, punctuation, syntax, word choice, and more. You do the writing, but I offer rewriting as well on the paragraph-level and comments left on margin of the page to help guide you through the revisions.

Benefits of Developmental Editing: You will gain insightful knowledge on the process of writing a book, as well as important lessons on creative writing and nonfiction writing. You will then have a manuscript that meets industry standards, follows latest writing and publishing trends, and is polished following the rules and guidelines of the Chicago Manual of Style 17th edition.

Timeline: Between six and twelve months. It mostly depends on your availability as I work around your schedule.



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