Editing is an intimate process and you might have some questions about it. Here are some frequently asked questions we get and answers to best assist you.

Can you read my manuscript and tell me what service I need?

Yes. I charge a $150 reading fee to be paid in full upfront, but once I am done I will be able to tell you exactly what service your manuscript needs (developmental editing, line editing, or proofreading). Should you choose to proceed with the suggested service, I will prorate the reading fee from the total fee.

Which publishing route is right for my manuscript?

While working on your manuscript, I will be happy to tell you which publishing route you should take, traditional, hybrid, or self-publishing.

Can you help me get in touch with experts of the publishing industry?

I have been working in the publishing industry for many years and I am proud to call some of the most sought after experts of the publishing industry (literary agents, presidents of publishing firms, etc.) my friends. On specific occasions, I am happy to place my author in touch with an expert of the publishing industry but I cannot guarantee that my introduction will turn into a publishing career or even a contract—although the statistics are in my favor!

Why should I pay you as an Editor when I can have a friend who studied English in school edit my book?

While I respect your friend’s experience and skills, there are specific style guides that we follow in the publishing industry. The one preferred by most publishers is the Chicago Manual of Style, which is currently in its 17th edition. I was lucky enough to earn a Certificate in Editing from Graham School at the University of Chicago, the same institution that created the manual. People who work in the publishing industry, whether literary agents, editors, or publishers, are aware of the style guide rules and will be able to quickly tell if your manuscript has been professionally edited or not and 9 times out of 10, they will dismiss a manuscript if it hasn’t.

I am interested in being interviewed for an article in one of the magazines you write for. Is it possible to do that?

Yes, I am always looking for interesting and inspiring military stories to share with our community. If you have a story to tell and would like it featured in Military Spouse Magazine, Military Families Magazine, or Reserve and National Guard Magazine, feel free to email me and I will be in touch. However, please understand that my Magazine Editor makes the decision of whether or not the story will be featured.

I am interested in becoming a ghostwriter. Can you help me?

Yes, I offer ghostwriting coaching, where you will learn all about the business, how to find job leads, and how to perfect your writing craft. My fee for ghostwriting coaching is $100 per hour.

Still have a question that wasn’t answered? Please contact me and I’d be happy to help!



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